Food & Nutrition

All drinks, meals and snacks are included in the daily fee, and are freshly prepared and cooked on site.

Fruit and vegetables are delivered fresh to our door.  We ensure that we provide a minimum of the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day for each child through our nutritious and varied menu.  Daily menus are displayed on the notice board.

All meals are prepared freshly each day by our in-house cook.  Meals are carefully chosen not only for their nutritional value but also for their popularity.  Meals are pureed if required for our very youngest children. It is important to inform us of any known food allergies your child may have – we cater for all dietary needs.

Children often partake in baking / cooking activities of all kinds (not just sugary treats). We choose our ingredients together and use substitutes to meet dietary requirements of children where necessary, to ensure inclusion for all.

Please download our SAMPLE MENU which details a typical week at our nurseries.

Food times:

Breakfast – Served up to 8.45 am

Mid-morning snack – 10am       

Lunch – Served at 12.00 pm

Tea – Served at 4.00pm

Babies who are weaning are served freshly pureed meals created individually to suit each child.

Fresh drinking water is available at all times.

Water is offered with meals.

Our babies receive milk or pure water as required.

Please contact us if you have any questions relating to your child’s dietary requirements.

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