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At Wolds Childcare, we are ambitious for all our children and recognise that the development of children’s communication and language skills underpins their holistic development. We believe that communication and language skills are the golden thread that weave together all areas of learning in our early years and throughout life.

We were keen to embrace the Tots on Tour Growing Talk™ philosophy and embed it as part of all we provide for our young children. In 2022, we decided to undertake the Tots on Tour Programme for the following reasons:

  • The aftermath of covid
  • Support children receiving Speech and language Therapy
  • The philosophy behind the programme supports our curriculum outcomes
  • It provides inspiration for High Quality Interactions with simple and effective strategies
  • Time and Space – fits routine and any environment
  • Sustained Shared Thinking opportunities

All activities involve interacting together, sharing everyday experiences that children are interested in and, wherever possible, include multi-sensory experiences, songs, gestures, props and books to reinforce the language learning opportunities. Activities are designed to enhance and develop all aspects of early language and communication development; including interaction, attention, listening, understanding, speaking, and vocabulary development.

The Growing Talk programme of ideas and strategies should be seen as a tool kit that practitioners can use flexibly across the nursery day.

How has the Growing Talk programme benefitted our settings?

  • Increased Emotional Literacy – self-awareness, identifying feelings and expressing in appropriate ways.
  • Attention span has increased period of time, with greater focus from children
  • Listening and response to topics
  • Extension of language for all children – every child reaches their maximum potential
  • More confidence among our educators
  • Extended enabling environments/communication friendly spaces
  • Support for phonics/sounds
  • Continued programme support
  • Sharing practice and strengthening parent partnership
  • Even happier, comfortable and confident children with strong positive relationships 

Growing Talk Licensed Lead Practitioner Training

In partnership with Tots on Tour, we are excited to share the Growing Talk Programme and offer Early Years providers with a new package of Growing Talk Licensed Practitioner Training. Practical training for practitioners, lead by practitioners, enabling children to become confident communicators.

This practically focused training will equip early years practitioners, working with children from birth to five, with a Growing Talk Practical Tool Kit of tried and tested ideas, activities, interaction strategies and approaches all designed to enhance opportunities and planning for developing children’s early communication, language and vocabulary development.

For further information, download the training flier and visit Growing Talk Together.  Or, for more information contact 07900 818927

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