Funding & Fees

How are our fees structured? You will be issued with an annual invoice and payment plan from April to April (or from your start date to the following April).  All fees are payable in advance and payment is accepted by standing order or BACS. Tax credits are also accepted and voucher schemes, such as ‘Busy Bees’ are welcomed.

We ask that if you are planning to pay through childcare vouchers that you start making payment into your chosen scheme a few months prior to starting, so that your vouchers don’t arrive late in to our bank.

TFC (Tax Free Childcare – Government run) TFC is accepted.

Fees are calculated over 50 weeks and divided by twelve months.  This provides a standard amount to be paid each month.  Fees are payable for 50 weeks of the year including Bank Holidays and all absences.

Please speak to our Administration Manager if you have any queries regarding fees or payment.

The Government Nursery Education Funding scheme is available to all children over the age of three years during the term time.  You will be informed when your child is eligible for this grant. All children of this age are eligible for the universal hours (15hours). For the 30 hours funding, parents will have to check their eligibility through Childcare Choice (government website) these will be used over 50 weeks equally at 22.8 hours a week.

Fees are reviewed annually.


Please contact us for the latest fee structure.

Withdrawal from the Nursery requires two calendar months’ notice.

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